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Pulsair - Transparent Background

Pulsair by Grenof

Pulsair mixing reservoir systems supplies powerful, energy efficient and low maintenance reservoir mixers for drinking water applications for in-reservoir mixing. The powerful innovative reservoir mixing technologies uses large, compressed air bubbles to mix water quickly and efficiently with no moving parts inside the reservoir. Large multimillion litre water reservoirs can be properly mixed in less than 20-minutes.

  • Fastest water reservoir mixing system - The entire reservoir every ten minutes.
  • Improve your safety risk profile - No need to access the top of the reservoir
  • ZERO in-reservoir maintenance - All moving parts are outside Reservoir
  • Consistency of mixing - Uniform distribution of disinfectants in minutes.
  • Proven to reduce THMs by 50%
  • Maximum energy efficiency - Consumes less energy than other systems

The Pulsair mixing process works by producing sequentially timed
pulses of compressed air to generate large bubbles at the reservoir
floor. The rising bubbles create an immediate vertical circulation pattern
that gently stirs and blends 100% of the water in the reservoir. The
Pulsair water reservoir mixing process is the fastest and most energy
efficient because it uses gravity to do the work of mixing. The only
energy consumed is during the process of compressing the air. Once
the bubbles are released at the reservoir floor, no more energy is
consumed. The water in the reservoir continues to move long after the
bubbles reach the water surface.

Watch the Pulsair explainer video