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Green Chlorine

Grenof have brought to market as part of their Green Manufacturing Hubs a decentralised Green Chlorine generation technology, which enables the production of Green Chlorine from smaller plants at a reduced cost, reduced carbon footprint and ensures the cheapest, freshest available product across the country. 

Grenof manufacture, deliver and manage dosing of our odour and corrosion control chemical called - Phodine.

Grenof's unique formulation means Phodine will stay in suspension for up to six months without any stirring or agitation, surpassing any other product available.

We're an innovation leader and owner of a dedicated research and development facility, which actively partners with clients to develop industry solutions.​


We deliver world leading, best practice turnkey water technology solutions

Mining, Oil & Gas

Grenof is focused on providing sustainable outcomes for the Mining Oil and Gas industry.


Grenof is focused on providing sustainable outcomes for industrial clients.


Grenof provide a range of solutions for the renewable sector

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