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Green Chlorine

The Green Chlorine model allows for a more sustainable, safer and efficient chlorine supply in Australia. Green Chlorine gives greater control of supply and lower costs by reducing manufacturing, storage and freight costs and requirements through the construction of more efficient smaller plants that service the local region. 

To support this model, Grenof have brought to market smaller decentralised plants enabling the production of Green Chlorine from smaller plants at a reduced cost. Green Chlorine can service customers both inside and outside the water industry and provides a genuine alternative option for chlorine supply in each region and disrupt the uncompetitive marketplace. 

Grenof have the right solution for all your chlorine needs. Whether it is for direct inject, small operating facility or multiple sites across your network. 

Green Chlorine Provides: 

  • Sodium hypochlorite (liquid), Chlorine (gas), Caustic Soda (liquid). 
  • Skid mounted requiring small a footprint. 
  • Proven technology – over 400 installations worldwide. 
  • Low energy use, substantial reduction in carbon footprint from large manufacturing plant. 
  • Eliminates the need for a major hazardous chemical facility. 
  • Provides fresh, true quality chlorine products without the degrading by products 
  • Enables further chemical manufacturing on site including HCL, Calcium Hypochlorite, Ferric chloride, ACH and PAC 

Grenof implement a full turn-key solution that includes: 

  • Managing the project delivery. 
  • Operating and Maintaining the Plant and associated assets. 
  • Develops and implement systems and quality frameworks. 
  • Self-performing all deliveries of all products. 
  • Assists with non-regulated income and Business Development opportunities. 
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