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Aquachlor Product Range

Aquadex Chlor (Calcium Hypochlorite)

Aquadex Minichlor (20g tablets) and Aquadex Durachlor 300 (300g tablets) delivers slow-release chlorine and is an effective fungicide and bactericide for the disinfection of potable and waste water. Aquadex Calcium hypochlorite tablets and granular products are designed to deliver a cost-effective solution to water, waste water and pool/spa disinfection and treatment. The Aquadex Chlor range is able to offer a quality assured ling life product to ensure your outcomes are achieved for treatment

Aquadex Dosing units using Durachlor and Minichlor consistently deliver liquid available chlorine for disinfection applications that kills bacteria, controls algae and removes organic contaminants. The Aquadex Dosing units use approved tablets that work in conjunction with the unit doing strengths to ensure the right amount of disinfection is achieved.



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Aquadex Aquachlor products include:

  • Durachlor 300 Tablets (300g tablets)
  • Minichlor 20 Chlorine tablets (20g tablets)
  • Granuchlor Granular Chlorine
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